Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Greatest Treehouse in the World

The Greatest Treehouse in the World: "

Photo: ZuZu Top

Horrace Burgess of Crossville, Tennessee built a treehouse 97 feet tall. Its 8,000 square feet of floor space is spread over 11 stories. The house is built around a tree 80 feet high and 12 feet wide at the base, so much of the structure extends well beyond the tree itself.

A building of over 11 floors would be expected to have some extra amenities – and the treehouse Horrace has established is no exception. This particular one comes complete with a mini basketball court – if you thought playing you would never live to see guys playing basketball on top of a tree!

The owner of the edifice is a 56 years old landscape architect by the way, and he say an upwards of $12,000 has gone into building thetreehouse . Asked about where he got the inspiration to build the edifice, he cites a prayer vision he got in the early 90s – going further to say that he built it ‘for God.’ Nobody is arguing with him – and nobody is contesting the assertion that it is the world’s greatesttreehouse either. Meanwhile, building work has not stopped at the 11th floor…the building is still a ‘work in progress!’

There are many pictures of the treehouse at the link.

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