Thursday, 29 October 2009

Desi Halloween Costume Ideas

To this I would like to add maybe Meera outfit...and some fake teeth to pull off the cheesy Zardari smile. Lets not forget the Sharif's comeovers

Desi Halloween Costume Ideas: "

Halloween is approaching and there will be many parties taking place this year. It seems that more adults look forward to Halloween than kids. One thing I never got a chance to do when I was in college was attend a desi Halloween party. I had some desi costume ideas in mind but never got a chance to implement them. Hopefully some of you could try out these costumes this Halloween.

Hrithik Roshan - You don’t need to take steroids to turn your body into a Hrithik Roshan costume. Just wear a nice black see through shirt and attach a giagantic 6th thumb to your right hand. And if you have a beer belly, you can tell people you’re Hrithik Roshan at 50.

Salman Khan - This costume is easy. Just remove your shirt and wear daisy duke shorts. And if you feel like it, put on some shades. But you will need some serious balls to attend a party in daisy duke shorts and not be labeled a homo.

Shah Rukh Khan - There’s two SRK costumes that you can pull off. You can be the SRK from DDLJ but you may have to go around carrying a banjo. You can also be the SRK from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and try to see if you can get the same “Polo Sport” tight-ass shirt he was rocking. Don’t forget the fanny pack either. There are still many chicks who dig SRK. Maybe kuch kuch will happen in your pants if you’re lucky with this costume.

Amrish Puri as Mola Ram - Amrish Puri has played some of the most awesome characters in movies. And I’m not just talking about Bollywood. He made Indians famous for eating monkey brains and being able to crush a man’s heart with the help of Kali Maa. And even though we got stereotyped for that, it was still totally worth it. If you know you’re going to be the only brown man at a Halloween party, make this guy your costume. And then keep chanting “Kalii Maa Shakti De”.

Indian Michael Jackson - We all knew that last year’s costume of choice by many was The Joker. Everybody was so impressed with Heath Ledger’s Joker that they decided to be him for Halloween. It’s too bad the idea was played out by the time you saw the 5th Joker at the party. This year will be the same thing except it will be with Michael Jackson. I can tell you now that there will be so many people wearing a Michael Jackson costume that you might think you’re at a casting call for a MJ movie. But to keep yourself slightly original, you can go as the Indian Michael Jackson. Of course, some may not get the reference so you might want to carry the music video for “Goli Maar” on your phone.

Gabbar Singh/Jai/Veeru - The best way to pull off a costume is to coordinate with your friends. If you go in as one of the Three Musketeers, you’re just another guy in a costume. Get your friends to be the other two Musketeers and the chicks will be all over you. Trust me, it works. If you can grab two friends, then you could pull off the costume from the cast of Sholay. One could be Gabbar Singh, the most badass villain in Bollywood. His costume is simple: green shirt, green pants, earring in left ear and a belt in your hand. Veeru’s costume is easy if you look at the pictures on the internet. Sadly, some of you might still wear something similar to him already. For Jai’s costume, just ask your dad if he still has any of his clothes from the 70’s still lying around.

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