Friday, 3 February 2012

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?: Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

The rumours, leaks and speculation on the Samsung Galaxy S3 are never ending and we've laid eyes on extremely suspicious spy shots from a Chinese website.

The latest shots offer up a handset quite different to what has been talked about thus far. It sports a peculiar S-shaped bend in the 4.6-inch 3D screen which looks to be highly un-ergonomic, but hey maybe it's the future.

It also suggests the 3D screen will use Super AMOLED Plus technology and have a 1280 x 720 resolution. Our question though, how does 3D work on such a ridiculously curved display?

Pigs will fly

Further inspection shows three large unsightly buttons below the screen with the middle one rocking the icon for "Play Pause" – very odd.

There also seems to be a huge gap between the screen ending and the buttons starting which seems like a strange design and adds unnecessary length to the handset.

So unless Samsung has completely gone off its rocker, this is very unlikely to be the Galaxy S3. However who doesn't want an S-shaped screen?

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