Friday, 10 December 2010

Im watching Rambo- Part 2

Im flicking through the channels and finally I stop pressing the "channel up" when the words RAMBO-FIRST BLOOD Part II flash up on the EPG.

Ive seen this film a million times. Its a classic, no doubt. You agree too I know.

The film has just started. The good old Colonel visits an incarcerated Rambo breaking up some rocks with a hammer. He gets a call from a grunt that he has a visitor. He makes his way to the meeting point.

The colonel apologises and gives him a mission. The mission is to go back into Vietnam. What would you expect JR to say?

Ill spare you the pain. His comeback is this: " D0 we get to win this time?". The colonel quickly retorts. "This time its upto you."

So this leads me to put out the question.....Who stopped you from winning the first time? Ha.

Gotta love Hollywood!

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