Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Show me the money!!!

So I am, in the quite so near future going to be coming in some money! No not my paycheck...

A number of years ago I took out loans for various things...( I was living way beyond my means...and to fund that I took out loans and what not!). When I took out these loans, the people selling me these loans considered it wise to sell some insurance to me. So if i lost my job, or had my hand cut off or became a vegetable the loan would be paid off by the insurance.

Well it recently transpired that quite a few of these loans were missold. I felt the same about the issue. And now i will be getting my money back. I wont disclose the entire sum here because...

a) The wife might come across this and ask for more money than i already give her.

b) Thats pretty much it. HA

Anyway I have promised to buy her some nice sofas to furnish our new house. Hence we have been looking at popular sofa selling establishments recently.

I have also decided to donate some of the money to charity.

So what else should i buy?

I am thinking of buying some nice boots.

But thats about it.....so what should it be?

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