Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Why The Gadget Show shouldn't suck...but does!!!!

Do you watch "The Gadget show"?

I do. I am an avid fan. I watch it religiously. I even enter the competition in a bid to win something. I have never won anything though.

Anyway, something that has just crossed my mind is that The Gadget show is not "Tomorrow’s World". Tomorrow’s World was ground breaking and it predicted that we would like in sky glass houses with metal robots doing our biding and humans, basically becoming a lazy bunch. I could clap and the lights would come on or the robot would take my coat when i returned from work. That kind of shit.

That obviously hasn’t happened. And it won’t happen. Ever! More on that some other time. Or never. Whatever!

Anyway the thing about the gadget show is that they talk about all sorts of rubbish and mostly its good rubbish. And its entertaining for most part of the hour. But its not ahead of the curve. They don’t talk about open source. Hell its taken them 4 years ( I don’t know, I made that up. It was a long while though) to even look at Miro.

Oh and a toaster is not a gadget. Neither is a blender. If they have wheels, or they have touchscreens or if they sync with my phone then its a gadget. Otherwise, no. It’s not. So please leave them in the kitchen.

Oh and everyone, lets collectively wish that i win a competition. According to Derren Brown, that works. Hey I will give you rucksack that they give away everyweek. Or not. Whatever!

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