Tuesday, 13 October 2009

No, 25,000 Swedish Lesbians Do Not Live in the Forest

No, 25,000 Swedish Lesbians Do Not Live in the Forest: "

Several Chinese news agencies have reported that 20,000 women live together in a place called “Shakebao” or “Chako Paul City”, said to have been built in the forests of northern Sweden 200 years ago. According to published reports, the lonely female residents of the town have turned to lesbianism to satisfy themselves.

The reports go on to say that any men who attempt to enter the town will be “beaten half to death” by the blonde sentries. The news agencies did not mention how 25,000 lone women were supposed to propagate, but hey, details are a drag.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua even provides a helpful photo of the supposed castle that is in the supposed town (see above).

So many Chinese men believe the far-fetched reports that officials from Sweden have been forced to issue a formal denial that the town exists. So, to clarify for all our Chinese friends out there – 25,000 lesbians do not live in the forests of Sweden. Sounds like a good movie though.

[via Telegraph.co.uk]

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