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iPhone 3GS: Once Again Dead Rooster Reviews Stale Technology

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iPhone 3GS: Once Again Dead Rooster Reviews Stale Technology: "

iPhone-3gsThe iPhone 3GS has been out now for several months, maybe even more than a year, I don’t really know, but with a laziness factor that goes to 11, I am certainly not going to take the time to look it up.

Anyway, the iPhone 3GS is new to me—I just got one last Thursday—so, for me, this is cutting-edge technology.

Right away I noticed the brilliant marketing scheme involved with this phone. Sure, I saved $400 on the purchase by upgrading my existing phone plan, but the first thing you are required to do once you get it home, is whip out your credit card and set up an iTunes account.

This is not optional. You need an iTunes account in order to get updates to you phone’s software.

The phone is equipped with several “apps” which enable you to do things like check the current temperature, find where you are on a map, etc., but I can’t for the life of me find anything that tells me how much battery life I’ve got left.

Luckily, there’s an app that takes you to the “app store” in order to find an app that you can download which will tell you how much battery life you have left. In fact, there are several apps that do this—many you can download free of charge. But, while you’re there getting your free battery app, it’s irresistible to to avoid checking out the thousands of other apps they have which do AMAZING things. Of course, these apps are not always free.

For instance, while I was at the app store, I got:

  1. AppBox Pro (a collection of apps including a really cool battery-life app) $1.99

  2. Snapture (a photography app enabling you to extend the phone’s camera features) $1.99

  3. Simply Tweet (a Twitter app that is TOTALLY worth the price) $4.99

  4. Fresh Feed (a Friendfeed app. I NEED THIS!) $2.99

  5. Red Laser (scans barcodes with your phone and searches the web for the best deals) $1.99

  6. Battery Magic Pro (an even BETTER battery app I found after I bought AppBox Pro) $1.99

  7. Best Camera (yet another app to enhance photos) $2.99

After adding a few MP3’s at $.99 – $1.29 each my total coming out of there was about $27.

And, I thought Microsoft was evil.


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