Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Blog statistics!! My blog sees all.

Its gaze pierces flesh, mountain, snow and now....your pc!!!!

An interesting perspective on who is using what when they log on this website. Thats for those of you who dont know.

Windows XP
920 Visitors

Windows Vista
479 Visitors
Mac OS

241 Visitors
Windows 7

63 Visitors

58 Visitors
Other Operating system

34 Visitors
Windows 2003

11 Visitors
Windows 2000

6 Visitors
Game console

3 Visitors
Windows (older)

Interesting read. Especially those of you folk who are using Windows 7. Dont look down on us! HA. Also interesting for me was how many people are using really old OS's!

Im using Linux mint and Android to access this website. What about you?

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