Friday, 16 October 2009

I think I will sue Royal Mail...

I have bought a battery for my phone. This is being shipped from Hong Kong. This battery I bought from eBay. The seller's ad told me it would take between 8-16 days for me to receive the battery.

In the vague hope that I will somehow get it before then I have been ringing home everyday since, sometimes twice a day, to inquire if the battery had come. As of today, the 10th day, it hasn't.

I don’t blame the seller. I am sure he has, in all honesty, sent the battery to me. The jackasses I do blame are the people who call themselves the Royal Mail.

They have recently gone on strike because apparently they aren’t being paid that much. Lazy SOB's. Also they want their working conditions to be improved. For fuck's sake, how hard is it to shift an envelope from one slot to another. Imagine if the people building the pyramids had said this to the Pharaoh. You know what would have happened! I’m not saying anymore!

Royal Mail should be sued by me...and every other person who is expecting something important that has not arrived. What say you?

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