Monday, 5 October 2009

House for sale – Great view…

House for sale – Great view…: "

… if you’re into nuclear power plants

House for sale

It’s a property that has everything: a fisherman’s cottage a mere five minutes from the sea, with a private driveway, half an acre of garden and sweeping views across some of the most beautiful coastal landscape England has to offer.

It’s just a shame the estate agents failed to mention that it was in the shadow – quite literally – of one of Europe’s biggest nuclear power stations.

Westbeach, on sale for £247,000 is a small three-bed bungalow that is less than 80 yards from the perimeter of the brooding, concrete presence of Dungeness A and Dungeness B power stations.

The stations, which emit a ghostly hum day and night, are so close a strong-armed fielder could hurl a cricket ball over its fence if they were standing in the property’s garden.

However, this rather major downside is being ignored by the estate agents, who have managed to focus purely on its bijou charm. It is being marketed as “a property not to be missed,” with a light-filled sitting room, complete with original 1930s wood panelling, a modern kitchen, including an all-important island.

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