Monday, 7 September 2009

Top 10 Most Disgusting Halloween Masks

Top 10 Most Disgusting Halloween Masks: "

Don’t you hate when it’s Halloween and you have no idea on how to dress up? Pick your costume early this year and choose to go .. emmm gross!

Blurp Charlie Mask

disgusting Halloween

Ghoulishly gruesome–full head latex mask makes it look like you’re birthing another freaky head. Complete with blood, tendons, and gore!

More info: Blurp Charlie Mask

Tattooed Terror Mask

tattooed terror Mask

Tattooed Terror mask is made of latex with realistic tattoos and a silvertone nose ring.

More info: Tattooed Terror Mask

Pete Moss Mask

pete Moss Mask

Pete Moss mask is made of latex and enhanced with moss-like material for that cold, damp "fresh from the grave" effect!

More info: Pete Moss Mask

Dark Walker Demon Mask

pumpkin horror mask

AKA Hello Pumpkin! Darkwalker Demon mask is made of latex.

More info: Dark Walker Demon Mask

Sutured Werewolf Mask

howl mask

Sutured Werewolf mask is made of latex with realistic bloody teeth and metal-like sutures throughout.

More info: Sutured Werewolf Mask

Skinner Skinned Mask

skinned skull

If you were to pull the flesh off your head this is how you would look! Now kiddies don’t go trying this at home! You get the same effect with this full over the head detailed mask.

More Info: Skinner Skinned Mask

Skinned Alive Mask

skinned gross mask

This one gives a whole new meaning to "what lies beneath"?! Two masks in one. Pull of the outer old man mask to reveal a hideous decaying corpse underneath. Full over the head latex mask.

More info: Skinned Alive Old Man Mask

Blasted Head Mask

blasted head mask

Imagine a human head taken completely apart. Well, this is it! A full over-the-head latex mask that is blown completely apart. Screen front conceals your face. You won’t believe your eyes.

More info: Blasted Head Mask

Whispers Scary Creature Deluxe

horror mask

Whispers Mask Deluxe creepy mask with long hair and horns. Very creepy!

More info: Whisper Monster Whistle Mask

Zombama Mask

zombama Mask

Lookout McBrain, Zombama has you in his sights. This parody mask is great for fun-spirited Halloween party. Adult Sized. Even Obama would laugh at this great mask.

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