Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This guy kicks ass...in Urdu

This guy is brilliant. Puts Bilawal and Benazir to shame. HA


Utopian said...

That's amazing...though most of the people in subcontinent are bilingual or multilingual but a thing like that is not expected from a foreigner.
He put shame not only to them but also to us in some way who don't appreciate the beauty of this beautiful language.
No doubt' Urdu hay jis ka naam hamein jantay hain Dagh"

Jman said...

Your right. We have grown up reading, writing and speaking more than one language but that is probably because our culture dictates that to us. This guy willingly learnt the language and moreover he is more than fluent at it. Honestly though, I was reminded of the beauty of this language when I heard him speaking.

Oh and George should probably hang his bearded head in shame now! HA